Monday, August 27, 2012

How my Roommate pulls her weight

Penelope turns two months today.  She continues to grow and change crazy fast! Today I weighed her and she's already 14 pounds!! That's size 2 in the diaper world.  I've already filled a storage container with clothes that no longer fit her extending belly and chubby thighs. Some she never even got to wear, and some she only wore once.  I felt sentimental packing away some of the tiny outfits- like the flamingo one her daddy insisted we buy that she wore home from the hospital.

Taking care of her by myself during the days and middle of the nights is still the hardest job I've ever had.  But I've finally started to get somewhat of a grip on it.  And now I'm trying to savor as many of the moments as possible before I go back to work and she has to spend a few hours a day in a daycare center.  I'm praying she wont be scared or cry all day, and I'm also praying that I wont be scared and cry all day.  Although I know I will be scared and will cry at least part of the day.  Hopefully my unique coworkers will distract and amuse me.

My roommate doesn't pay rent, help with the dishes or even wash her own laundry.  But I think she pulls her weight with her cuteness.  Here are some of her current rent-paying behaviors:

Sometimes when she eats, she holds her arm behind her back as if she's under arrest.

She continues to make awesome fun hand gestures

She's learning how to hold objects now

She's talking and smiling more and more

And from 6 am to 8 am we have a morning ritual of taking a nap together.

In a few days she'll go on her first of many road trips to Michigan to see the rest of her family.  I'm sure she'll find some creative adorable way to chip in for gas.


  1. Hey there! Not working full time these days, and have a ton of infant experience...if you ever need anything (including an hour just to take an unaccompanied bath) just let me know! I am a big Penelope fan!!

  2. We will most certainly distract and amuse you. And give you kleenex when you need it. :)