Saturday, April 14, 2012

Glucose Testing Ain't Sweet

Last week I finally put off the glucose testing long enough and went in to do the gestational diabetes screen.  They make you drink this flat orange pop

Well I found out at my Dr. appointment yesterday that I failed the test.  So I had to go in this morning at 8 am and have my blood drawn FOUR times and sit there for THREE WHOLE HOURS!  And I had to fast after dinner last night and not eat during the test.  I thought I would probably be starving or faint after having my blood taken away for hours and not being able to eat.  But it wasn't so.  The hardest part was not snacking last night after dinner.  Out of nowhere the idea of donuts were suddenly attacking me.  Or maybe it was the constant Dunkin Donuts commercials.  In my dreams I was taking the blood test and looking down and seeing food suddenly appear in my hands.  'Why didn't you stop me from eating this feta cheese?? or this bowl of bran flakes??' I'd turn to Danny in horror.  Not eating has never been so hard.

This morning when we got to the lab, a worker was just showing up to open the doors and turn on the lights and there was already a line of senior citizens waiting on a bench to run in and sign in ahead of us.  Turns out there was only one worker at the lab today and maybe 50 people in the three hours I waited.  I prayed, "Jesus, I know it's not as bad as being crucified, so sorry to even ask, but can you  help me get through this? I really hate needles".  The hardest part was a little girl who was three who had to get her blood drawn.  All of us waiting outside heard her screams, "I don't want this!" she was screaming. "Ouchy!".  My eyes were watering and the little one in my belly was squirming as if she had some sort of supernatural connection to the little girl and felt her pain. The second hardest part was the last blood draw which had to come out of my hand. 

But just like most (all?) other crappy things in life, it had an ending.  It's over, I did it! :)

And I am willing to do all this of course, for the new life soon to come.  But if I can please please please not have gestational diabetes.  Please? I don't want to have to stick my finger four times a day.  I don't even feel comfortable watching the commercials where the old people talk about sticking their fingers.  I mute the TV every time they come on!
If I have diabetes I will do this:

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