Friday, March 2, 2012

Quiet Down or I'm Calling the Cops

As baby P gets bigger, her kicks and punches are starting to get bigger too.  I used to feel an occasional huge tap, as if something inside me were trying to get out. Most of the time there would be a couple big ones and the rest would be kind of toned down.  Often- and perhaps this is not a coincidence- it's paired with heartburn which gives me the odd feeling that I've swallowed a baby.  But now the big taps are getting more and more frequent.  And she's starting to have favorite times for practicing her karate.  Lately it's every 2-3 hours, but almost always around 2 am.
Two nights ago I woke up wrestling with my new maternity body pillow.  It's this massive weird shaped pillow that curves around my head, and then between my knees for support.  Only instead of supportive, it's kind of out of control.  I'm returning it to Amazon today and getting something more toned down.  Maybe just a rectangular shape...But in the middle of my wrestling I felt a huge commotion in my belly.  It felt impossible that just one baby could be making all that racket.  It felt like she'd invited the neighbors over.  And one of the neighbors was a drummer.  Maybe she was building bunk beds (Stepbrothers movie reference) or maybe her Irish blood was compelling her to practice a jig.  But without looking at the clock I figured, 'It must be 2 am.'  and when I turned my head I saw in the dark the red numbers 2:00 am.  On the dot!  
The karate doesn't hurt.  And because I'm at a stage where there is still room, she's only managed to kick my bladder once.  I actually really like it right now.  At this stage when she wakes up every two hours it doesn't require any diaper changing or even for me to have to open my eyes.  (Other than to look at the clock and confirm her punctuality).
So I kicked my maternity pillow out of bed and let baby P off with just a warning-- time for your friends to go home, I don't want to have to have to call in a disturbance, this is usually a very peaceful neighborhood.

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