Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weirdo Pregnant Dreams

So I'm about 6 months late, and have missed recording some real gems, but thought I should start a log of some of the weirdo pregnancy dreams I've been having.

I dreamt Julie Jo and I were driving on ice.  She was upset because she'd just driven this same path with her husband but he'd been reckless and the car had slipped on the ice.  But as we were driving I realized we were driving on a frozen lake and asked her if we should be doing that.  As she began to assure me we were fine the car started filling up with ice water.  I calmly rolled down my window and swam out and she followed me.  When we swam out of the icy lake we found ourselves in the woods.  We spotted a park ranger and started telling him what happened.  But suddenly it was very funny and we were acting like Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.  He was really angry, though, that we'd polluted the lake by sinking a car into it.

Last night I dreamt I was at an outdoor John Mayer concert.  It was at this seaworld type park with different  ocean creatures.  One tank had sting rays, piranhas and some other types of fish that could potentially hurt you.  A brave person- I dont remember who- stripped their shirt off and dove in heroically as if proving themselves by swimming with the dangerous fish.  Someone cried out, "But there are Penelopes in there!" (Penelope is the girls name we like, and in this case used as if it were a dangerous species of fish).
Meanwhile, John Mayer was playing this really long guitar solo.  When he was done only a couple people clapped.  I tried to shout 'Woohoo!' but it just came out unenthusiastic and sounded hollow because it was so quiet.  He looked down and sighed.  Into the microphone he said, "I'm so embarssed".

I dreamt the movie My Girl with Macaulay Culkin had a different ending.  In the end Vada finds out that her friend Thomas had been dead all along.  Kind of like sixth sense.  She'd been hanging out with a ghost!

I dreamt I was at the hospital in labor!  But I was really bored.  It was like the contractions were taking forever.  The hospital was a shopping mall and a cafateria.  I was browsing some clothing racks, yawning.  And then at the deli they were serving these giant sandwiches on fluffy chala bread.  yummm

I had another dream I was in labor.  This time, when everyone found out they all brought me bagels.  But when I looked at the calendar I realized i was way too early so I stopped.

Nightmare: I dreamt I was in my old house where I grew up in my parent's room.  My mom was there and I was holding the baby. I was rocking her and everything was great until the baby actually spoke. Her eyes got wide and she was looking at something or someone behind me and shouted 'NO!' as if she was fighting something off.  Then she went limp.  My mom said I should call an ambulance.  The baby wasn't breathing.  I was talking to the 911 dispatch and screaming for them to hurry.  I was trying to do CPR on the baby. And I woke up.

Last night I was on a crowded school bus.  We were all piling on to escape a zombie attack.  I had a video game gun that I was using to shoot the zombies trying to get on.  But the bus was filling up like rush hour bus to work in Chicago.  The bus driver was calling, "Move to the back!" as if it were an ordinary day going to work.  People were filling the aisles, standing.  I could see one person up front who was sick.  I think they were going to change into a zombie.  The bus started to quickly pull away and ran over a couple zombies as it left.

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  1. These remind me of the dreams I had when I was taking Chantix, the stop smoking drug. Every night was a new adventure! I miss it. Keep 'em coming.